Our Healthcare Future


AMA Tasmania welcomes today's Government announcements including into the critical and overdue investment in ICT. All parts of Tasmania's health care system must be based on the reality that all aspects of the health system are linked, and depend on each other to meet patient and community demand effectively, this can only be achieved by investment in IT infrastructure and a clear ICT strategy.  

6 NOV 2020

$45.5 million elective surgery boost welcomed


AMA Tasmania Vice President Mr Scott Fletcher said, "our elective surgery lists are at an all-time high, and any increase in funding for elective surgery is welcomed as this will help us to manage that.  

We know Tasmanians are sitting on these waiting lists for far too long.  In the interest of those patients, the AMA welcomes the additional health funding but would like to see this develop into long-term sustained funding that allows appropriate planning and recruitment of staff.  

6 NOV 2020

Tassie GP talks elective surgery waits


Are you on a waitlist for surgery in Tasmania? How long have you been waiting? Earlier in the week Aaron Stevens heard a very concerning story from Mick of St Leonards, whose wife has been waiting 15 months for a category 1 surgery on her back. Listen as Dr John Saul, GP and AMA Tasmania Member, joins Aaron Stevens to discuss elective surgery waitlists in Tasmania, and the impact these delays are having on patients.

Listen here

4 SEP 2020