Extended border restrictions


The AMA Tasmania has welcomed the Tasmanian State Government's decision to extend border restrictions until at least 1 December 2020.

Tasmania has watched on with grave concern as other states including QLD, VIC, NSW and now New Zealand have struggled under the burden of further COVID-19 outbreaks.

18 AUG 2020

Massive Jump in Telehealth Usage


The Australian Medical Association Tasmania (AMA) welcomed further investment into telehealth. They said that while it will never replace face to face patient-centred consultations, telehealth is key to the continuity of care and provides an excellent flexible option for those patients who need it.

The AMA was ‘very pleased’ with the speed in which telehealth was implemented to supoort high-quality patient care from both GPs and non-GP specialists.

7 AUG 2020

Four Tasmanian doctors inducted into AMA Roll of Fellows 2020


Seven Australian doctors have been recognised for their service and have been inducted into the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Roll of Fellows for 2020. In a major achievement for our state, four of the seven new inductees are from Tasmania, including AMA Tasmania President Dr Helen McArdle. Listen as Dr McArdle joins Martin Agatyn on Tasmania Talks this morning to discuss the awards, and this significant achievement for our state.

4 AUG 2020

Seven doctors recognised for outstanding service to the medical profession and AMA


AMA Roll of Fellows 2020

Two current State AMA Presidents, two past State Presidents, the Medical Journal of Australia editor, and a married couple have been inducted into the AMA Roll of Fellows today, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to medicine, the medical profession, and the AMA.

Four of the seven are from Tasmania – a major achievement for the island State.

The new inductees are:

2 AUG 2020

AMA Tasmania boss talks COVID-19 vaccines, borders, testing


AMA Tasmania boss talks COVID-19 vaccines, borders, testing 13 July 2020 Australian researchers have reportedly experienced breakthroughs in regards to a possible COVID-19 vaccine. Listen as Dr Helen McArdle, President of AMA Tasmania, joins Aaron Stevens to discuss the possibility of a vaccine, the Premier's decision to delay the reopening of our borders, and people failing to get their cold and flu symptoms tested for coronavirus.

13 JUL 2020