Tasmania Talks speaks with Professor John Burgess


The AMA is committed to providing expert advice and opinions on this ever-evolving health crisis.

Our state has had some small wins in the fight against COVID-19, but we’re still only in the first quarter. Listen as Professor Burgess joins Aaron Stevens to update on the current situation, where we’re at with a vaccine, and whether the coronavirus modelling is reliable.

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21 APR 2020

Infected Tasmanian health worker accused of lying


The Prime Minister says a health worker in north-west Tasmania who has COVID-19 lied to contact tracers, putting the community at risk.

It comes as staff and nurses in the region have written an explosive letter to the State Government warning that the only hospital still fully functional in the region is unsafe due to a lack of personal protective equipment and new coronavirus cases.

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17 APR 2020

Mersey Community Hospital plea for safe response and support with current COVID outbreak


Health care workers across the state are working tirelessly to prepare, adapt and train as quickly and as professionally as possible to this highly stressful global pandemic; unprecedented in our lifetime. Right now, the Tasmanian Government and Health Services response and resources needs to pivot and focus on the north-west to identify all cases including those that are asymptomatic, isolate, contain and crush the virus to save lives.

17 APR 2020

Stamp out the state’s weak link, home isolation of positive cases


This is no time for complacency, but let’s start seriously planning for how and when we can safely get Tasmania’s society and economy working again in a sustainable new normal.

We are seeing the early signs of successfully containing the coronavirus. Still, we are also seeing areas of emerging risk, such as in Tasmania’s North-West. To paraphrase Winston Churchill’s wartime quote, this is not “the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning” of our war against the coronavirus.

8 APR 2020