AMA Tasmania is always working diligently to continue to secure member benefits that will bring value to your membership.

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Australian Motor Vehicle Services (AMVS) to bring you a vehicle buying service that is 100% customer focused.

AMVS are your vehicle buying specialists. They deal in all brands of new vehicles. Buying new vehicles on behalf of members is what they do, and they pride themselves on doing this well.

This is a free service, so there is no downside to engaging AMVS for your next purchase.

Key value points from AMVS.

  • They beat 99.9% of quotes that you can get from motor dealers, on the exact same car.
  • They sell all brands and do their best to match your needs with the right model.
  • AMVS want repeat clients, so they always act in your best interest.
  • They keep their overheads low by not having a showroom.
  • Their extensive dealer network (4000+) gives you access to vehicles across the country, and for test drives and inspections.
  • AMVS will also take care of your trade-in in a separate deal. They don’t use your trade-in to as part of the initial arrangement.
  • They find cars Australia wide. i.e. We send cars from Melbourne to Perth, and from Hobart to Sydney. This network saves our you thousands.



If you’re looking for a new vehicle please call AMVS on 1300 667 559, a  service brought to you by AMA Tasmania.