24-hour service at the Mersey Community Hospital Emergency Department

28 Oct 2020



AMA Tasmania welcomes the government's announcement today confirming the return to a 24-hour service at the Mersey Community Hospital Emergency Department having successfully implemented the safe and sustainable resourced model of care needed to provide this welcomed and deserved service to the community.

Mr Scott Fletcher AMA Tasmania Vice President, added, "it is reassuring to see the government’s commitment to supporting expanded training opportunities to those rural generalists wanting to specialise in emergency medicine.

"We are pleased that this return to regular hours has been achieved with the governments increased permanent staffing support to the ED. While there is more to be done, the north-west community can feel reassured and supported.

"There is little doubt the reduced hours provided the doctors in the North West who were at breaking point, with a much-needed reset from the pressure of trying to keep both Emergency Departments safely serviced.

"Without the change in hours, there was a genuine threat that both Mersey and Burnie hospitals risked losing doctors from burnout and ED services being unsafe.

"Doctors will continue to go beyond the call of duty, but this must be done safely at all times.">>>ENDS

Mr Fletcher spoke with Piia Wursu on ABC Drive


Published: 28 Oct 2020