Doctors in Training

8 Sep 2012

8th September2012 : The Tasmanian Government must recognize and commit to the funding to support and train our future medical workforce.  This requires the strategic funding of the THOs, departments and specialists to supervise the training and ensure that excellent quality care is give to the right patients at the right time and right place.  Departments relying on locum and short term contract specialists to meet clinical care and DiT supervision requirements must be adequately funded to meet the regional workforce demand to employ full time specialists or equivalent.

DiT positions must be funded for both junior doctors and specialists in training (known as “registrars”), which can be 4-12 years in the hospital system, not just funding increased intern positions.

The Training of Tasmanian DiT’s should encompass ”rotation Tasmanian Training programs”- whenever practical to facilitate each region having the benefit of Tasmanian trained DiT’s, DiT’s are exposed to our excellent clinicians and teaching opportunities and can complete training within Tasmania, and each region has opportunity to attract these doctors as specialist in the future. 

If the Tasmanian Government does not have the capacity to support the necessary increases medical workforce, it must advise the Federal Government of this so that the necessary funding of specialists to train the DiT’s and the expansion of hospital training positions can be established.

[ AMA TAS Calls on the Tasmanian Government to clarify the funding capacity and plans to fund DiT’s 2013-2018 ]

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Published: 8 Sep 2012