Governing termination of pregnancy - submission to Tasmanian Government April 2013

1 Apr 2013

The Australian Medical Association Tasmania would welcome legal certainty on abortion. Termination of pregnancy is a health issue and as a medical procedure should not form part of the criminal law. AMA Tasmania supports the right of every woman to make her own health decisions, but at the same time it is important to respect the right of a doctor to determine the services they provide. 

Doctors’ views regarding abortion are as diverse as views among the rest of the community. What is important to all doctors and their ability to provide quality care to their patients is the independence of the doctor patient relationship. Any legislative change must ensure doctors have the independence that is crucial for them to be able to provide the best possible care for their patients without fear of criminal proceedings. AMA Tasmania has grave concerns that the draft legislation has the potential to criminalise members of the profession with conscientious objection to termination of pregnancy.

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Published: 1 Apr 2013