Modified Monash Model in Tasmania

6 Dec 2019

Help needed to collect signatures for our petition as attached.

The Morrison Liberal Government has changed to the Modified Monash Model in Tasmania so that towns, such as Lilydale, that were once RA 3, are now classified MM2. At the same time, they have changed eligibility for access to their new Workforce Incentive programs to include MM3 and above, meaning that some MM2 GP practices, who were eligible for the Practice Nurse Incentive program, while they wont lose their funding altogether they may under the changes lose the rural loading on the PNIP (20% for those practices being reclassified to MMM2). The loss of this funding is adding to the financial strain on GP surgeries, which could lead to some Practice Nurses no longer being employed.

Across the course of 2019, AMA Tasmania has raised these concerns with the Minister for Health via correspondence and in person, but so far, no action has been taken, hence this campaign.

We ask you to support our campaign to put pressure on the Federal Government to either reclassify Tasmania as being MM3 onwards and thus eligible for the Workforce Incentive program or change the eligibility of the program to include MM2 areas in Tasmania, by putting this petition into your surgeries and encouraging patients to sign it.

We will require the petitions to be returned to us by the 31st of January so they can be tabled in the parliament sometime over the following two sitting weeks. As the originals will be required, could you please post them back to AMA House, 147 Davey Street, Hobart 7000.

Thank you for your help and if you have any queries or want to discuss this matter with me, please feel free to call me. Lara Giddings

Published: 6 Dec 2019