Independent review of the response to the north-west Tasmania COVID-19 outbreak report

9 Dec 2020



AMA Tasmania welcomes the release of the Independent Review of the Response to the North-West Tasmania COVID-19 Outbreak report. We will take a close look at the recommendations and work with the government and our doctors to implement those recommendations where appropriate.

AMA Tasmania called for this independent review, and we have always maintained it was never about the blame game but rather an opportunity to look at what failed in the system and what went well so that we can try to reduce the risk of such an outbreak happening again.

The report findings have never been more significant considering this morning’s announcement of three returned travellers from overseas returning positive COVID-19 tests.

Taking into account that the government has had the report for the past week or more, we would hope that the conclusions of the report would have helped inform decisions taken around the processes set up to support the quarantine of overseas passengers arriving in Tasmania as well as the care and treatment of any COVID positive patients.

It is critical that all appropriate precautions are put in place to protect health workers from contracting the virus and to minimise the risk of COVID-19 escaping once more into the Tasmanian community.

AMA Tasmania is keen to review any recommendations made by the report and to work with the government closely on implementation strategies. >>>ENDS 

Published: 9 Dec 2020