The President's Awards

21 Jun 2015

Presented in 2018

Dr Richard Benjamin. 
Psychiatrist and acting as a representative of the AMA highlighted the lack of leadership and communication between the THS executive and local hospital staff when drafting a 300-page submission to the 2017 Parliamentary Inquiry into Acute Health Services regarding the proposed acute mental health observation unit. This was one of many substantial contributions to the mental health sector. Dr Benjamin’s campaigning to the Minister and Upper house inquiries have resulted in an election promise by the Government for ten new and extra acute mental health beds as well as the Government abandoning the Mental Health Observation Unit plan in the Hobart DEM


Dr Frank Nicklason.
A member of the AMA but also Chair of the RHH Medical Staff Association Dr Frank Nicklason provided a complementary and assertive advocacy role in the debate about bed numbers and patient flow at the Royal. His strong arguments and clinical input saw major changes to the daily operations and efficiencies in several areas.

Presented in 2017

 Not awarded

Presented in 2016

Not awarded

Presented in 2015

Dr Peter Sharman
was recognised for the work he did in forming the AMA Workers Compensation Sub Committee and the AMA Insurers Forum to lobby for improvements in the Workers Compensation

Presented in 2014

Dr. Robert Walker
for his efforts in the restructuring of the AMA in 2009, as Treasurer he was responsible for the initial work in restoring the AMA office finances, installing systems and personnel to ensure good governance and robust review of all operations, therefore future proofing the organisation.

Presented in 2013

Dr. Michael Lumsden-Steel 
was presented with the "Presidents Award" by Dr John Davis at the AGM on Saturday the 27th April 2013 for his efforts in industrial relations and membership recruitment. During this time he completely rewrote the Salaried Medical Practitioners Award, led the negotiations and was the leading medical presenter at the Industrial Commission hearings during 2012,13 and 14.

Presented in 2012

Dr. Chris Middleton 
was presented with the "Presidents Award" on Friday the 15th June 2012 at the 50th AMA Anniversary Dinner, for services to the AMA in Tasmania. During his time as president, he restored the AMA from a difficult period in both financial and membership terms.


Dr. Andrew Jackson 
received the "Presidents Award" from Dr John Davis at the AGM on the 16th June 2012. A long service Treasurer of the AMA Dr Jackson has worked tirelessly to ensure good governance, accurate and understandable financial reporting and systems that assisted the recovery of the AMA from hard times.  

Presented in 2011

Dr. Don Rose:
 for services to the AMA at Branch Council level and within the Northern Division. Dr Rose has been a long standing member of Branch Council, the Northern Division and now the Board. He has been a constant and insightful voice for general practice and many issues.


Prof. Alan Carmichael:
 for services to the Medical School of Tasmania and the AMA. Prof Carmichael was Dean of the Medical School for 14 years. Prof Carmichael was a long term member of the AMA and maintained strong ties between the two organisations.

Published: 21 Jun 2015