AMA Tasmania stands ready to work with Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff

18 May 2021



AMA Tasmania President Dr Helen McArdle today congratulated Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff on his appointment to Health and Mental Health and Wellbeing portfolios.

“We look forward to working with Minister Rockliff on the issues confronting the Tasmanian health system.

“We enjoyed a positive and productive working relationship with the former Minister for Health, Sarah Courtney and wish her well in her new portfolios.

“AMA Tasmania stands ready to work with the Minister to ensure every health dollar is being spent in the area of greatest need and benefit to patients and the system.

“There are many challenges confronting health: cultural, workforce availability and growing demand outstripping the supply of inpatient beds in general and mental health services.

“Our doctors are feeling the brunt of the problems. Morale is low, and in some areas, the system cracks are so big that it risks breaking completely.

“AMA Tasmania’s Election Platform contains solutions to help close those cracks and build a stronger, more sustainable health system.

“What is clear is the lack of investment over the past decade in ICT means that the system is old, clunky and inefficient. It is in desperate need of significant investment to overhaul how we provide health in a modern world.

“The government has a chance to build the virtual health system that is required in this day and age with a significant investment in IT in the upcoming State Budget and a plan to continue building on that investment each and every year.

“By the end of this decade, we should have an integrated ICT health system that ensures GPs know what is happening to their patients in real-time in hospitals, hospital doctors can seek the help of colleagues regardless of where they work in Tasmania or across Australia at any time, and patients can be cared for in the right environment for their needs, including from their home.

“We look forward to discussing our plan for health and how we can work with the new Health Minister to bring our health system forward into the 21st century in the coming weeks.” >>>> ENDS.

Published: 18 May 2021